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''At Vella Cuisine, the USP is to popularize the usage of the modular kitchen concept across the middle and upper middle classes. Vella Cuisine believes that with appropriate design and optimization, it is possible to make a kitchen with highly reliable brands at competitive costs'', says Mr. Amit Sisodiya, Managing Director of Vella Cuisine.

In an interview with Kitchen Desire, Mr. Sisodiya takes pride in telling about his third humble initiative in the form of Vella Cuisine. He believes in providing  unsurpassed quality in Vella Cuisine products and services, and goes on to define it as “neighbour's envy and owner's pride” kitchens. 

   Tell us about yourself?

I  started my career in 2005 in Ahmedabad as a sales executive with Shrijee Engineers (Distributor of Lubi Pressure Pumps). At that point of time, I used to think of becoming a businessman. And I had planned for it, I used to analyse and research career stories of successful businessmen and  tried to develop myself like them.

Meanwhile I had also worked with some national brands, and took experience from various departments. I had  unwavering ambitions that have been fullfiled through my hard work, and I have learnt that for success there are two aspects: the first is 'Trading' and the other is 'Service'. Based on this, I started my first company in 2007. Jinendra Associates works into providing carpentry and civil work contract in one of the national brand of modular kitchen/ builder. Later, I started a trading company named Jinendra Plumbing and Kitchen Hardware. I had acquired great experiences by starting these two companies and later on, I took up a job of an interior designer for entire house. This was followed by many interior designing projects and I am glad I gained tremendous success.

After these successes, I certified myself for kitchen expertise and then launched my brand of Vella Cuisine –the Kitchen Expert, in 2014. This followed the opening of a modular kitchen showroom, keeping in mind the specialization I had in modular kitchens.

   Vella Cuisine is the third company established by you. Thinking on which lines, did you begin Vella Cuisine?

In Western countries, almost every home has a modular kitchen but in India, the concept of modular kitchen is not so popular. The reason being: many of us have less faith in the companies which provide the kitchen solutions and also there is a misconception that such kitchens are very expensive. With some big brands in the market, the later statement is true to some extent.

But at Vella Cuisine, the USP is to popularize the usage of the modular kitchen concept across the middle and upper middle classes. Vella Cuisine believes that with appropriate design and optimization, it is possible to make a kitchen with highly reliable brands at competitive costs. Thus, it aims to provide “neighbour's envy and owner's pride” kitchens across Gujarat.

   How would you define Vella Cuisine and its kitchens and other products?

Many studies across the world show that a family spends 50% to 60% of their quality time in kitchen and dining room. So, any aesthetically appealing and maintenance free kitchen with great functionality could always become the centre of attraction in a house. Vella Cuisine – the kitchen expert – offers its expertise and experiences in a good kitchen which starts with an optimized design at a customized budget. Our customers can count on our team's expertise to create a kitchen which is both beautiful and functional.

All the kitchens in today's world especially those in apartments are constrained by space and proper cross ventilation. Because of such factors, kitchen design and layout have become challenging and any effort to make a great kitchen must also blend with the practicality to create an effective and functional kitchen environment. That is where our award winning designs ideas play a major role.

We discuss and understand the kind of kitchen our client likes, for instance modern, eclectic, contemporary, traditional, etc. We also understand how the kitchen will be used on a daily basis. During discussion, we try to evaluate our client's kitchen usage, including how often the meals are prepared, who prepares food, the family size, how frequently guests are entertained, etc. We help them choose the materials, colours and products that fulfill design criteria and functionality. During this process, we put in our best efforts to stick to the choice of kitchen that they have imagined.

   Which features do end-users look for while buying modular kitchens?

A client wants complete solution, a quality product with multinational and national brand hardware.

A client wants latest finishes with durable basic material like MarinPly. Today's trend is handle less kitchen, ligting in kitchen operation, shutter finishes like P.U., Acrylic, glass, by architect and interior designer due to its rich look. 

For this we have an experts' team with experience in modular kitchen industries. Most often the client wants an optimized design within customized budget. Customers aspire to enjoy a renovating experience with sufficient interior space which must be accomplished by a hassle free and stress free process.

   According to you, which aspect is more important in a kitchen: its functional features or the high-end appliances? Why?

In my opinion, functional features are very important. The reason for this is that today's kitchen should be       practical, welcoming and fun. A well planned and well designed kitchen with right materials is what works best for its proper functionality. And high-end appliances are playing prominent role in making of functional kitchen.

   What are your thoughts on kitchen in contemporary times?

Kitchen is considered as the heart of the home. Kitchen is a full workable area in the home which demands design along with functionality. It cannot be nothing less than something that attracts a person after a long tiring day at work which inspires him to be in that space of home.

   How important is social interaction in the kitchen?

In today's modern times, women also work in a family which results in less interaction among family members as they get less time to spend with each other. Working women thus wish to interact with their families while cooking in kitchens or wish to manage cooking in as less time as possible. In general for a woman, happy interaction with her family means cooking good food for them, the guests and friends.

These days, cookery shows on television have a major influence on the audience and inspire them to try out new techniques and styles of cooking. We must therefore modify the old saying to “Families that cook and eat together, stay together.”

   What tips do you have for coping with the smaller space for kitchens?

Whether one owns a small kitchen or not, there is a tendency among users to buy more products due to the availability of a wide and improved range of products in the market. This is the main reason in shrinking of kitchen sizes.

To avoid this, one needs to preplan and evaluate beforehand on 'right' products which are needed and  accordingly buy them. Discarding useless items also helps a lot to remove the clutter and frees your kitchen. A preplanned budget and a long-term evaluation is what helps in coping up.

The flexible shutter systems are very useful space organising tools. Lots of small 'pull-outs' are available nowadays to take advantage of leftover ends and corners. The bottom line in space saving is to keep your kitchen simple and clear. As a user, you know what is best for you so it's wise to plan accordingly.

   As a kitchen designer, what inspires you?

The biggest inspiration is seeing the impact that our services and products have made on the lives of our clients. I feel blessed to be able to work in a field that I love and enjoy and I believe that this has enriched my life day after day. Providing genuine products to my customers and not making fake promises are what make me feel great and satisfied.

   What's your most exciting feature of a kitchen?

There is no single feature to specify. My choice of kitchen is a well operated and functional type with ample storage space. Apart from a logically planned kitchen, the lights in kitchen have a huge influence on the appearance of it.

   What advice do you have for designers and end- users?

Interior designs have always been used to enhance the space of kitchens. Designs have always evolved just as humans evolve during civilizations. With great exposure to brands and increased spending power of users, there has been a change in the perception of customers.

Modern kitchens have evolved as concepts of better looking kitchens into open kitchens to provide better social interaction for nuclear families as well as design implementation.

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