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Kitchen Desire

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“ 99% of the Projects go for Modular Kitchens” are the words of wisdom from a professional who has invested 27 years of her life in the profession. From PAN India presence to delivering to the best of the international institutions like the UN, she has it all in her kitty. Let's go through what more Ar. Alka Sood has to say… "

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Ms. Neeti Macker for her efforts for organising exclusive interview and look forward to future networking opportunities on the same lines.

   Tell us about your inspiration for designing and architecture, your education and career?

I started my journey as an Architect at VNIT, Nagpur. With a thirst for learning I went on to doing my Master’s Program from SPA, New Delhi in Housing. This opened my eyes to a new world of architecture where minimalism and simplicity was the mantra and since then it has been mine for the past 27 years. These years have been enriching and satisfying the most in terms of professional achievements and investing my life years in something that I love doing and something that people, especially clients love too.

   What is your design philosophy? What are the different aspects of design you consider in a Kitchen project?

I believe in translating the client’s aspirations into designs. The kitchen is the soul and heart in a lot of our Indian homes. This along with making it practical and easy to use is what keeps my clients happy. Hence practicality and functionality are important aspects of kitchen design according to me.

   Tell us about your varied clientele served till now, how do you cater to the changing needs? What are your suggestions on kitchen designing to customers?

Our clientele varies from Partners in corporate companies to industrialists. It can vary from the most exclusive home where everything made to order or imported to the simplest, but what is common in both is a practical and livable house, which we can balance very well. We recommend our clients to observe their current kitchen in view of what works and what is lacking, if they will use the kitchen or the house help and plan it in the most practical way rather than just a cosmetic makeover.

   Give us an example of a Kitchen Design where traditional and contemporary works can be mixed which suits for both luxurious as well as an economical set up? Tell us about some of your accomplishments?

We do combine tradition and modern design, like one of our clients who is South Indian wanted a big pestle incorporated to grind fresh dosa mix. We did so in a concealed shutter, combining functionality and modern design.

I would say our accomplishment has been completing varied projects from UN organisation office, corporate offices like Citi Financial and homes from 2500 sq. ft. to 10,000 sq.ft.

   How is modern kitchen different from traditional ones?

When we design kitchens, the planning and usage is absolutely the same. After all it has to be used today and in this modern age. Modern and traditional are mere styles and a cosmetic look which is decided as per the scheme of the whole house.

   What are the steps in the Kitchen design process? What inputs do you exactly look for when a client approaches? Do you find all clients clear with their ideas with respect to their requirements?

We start by analyzing the current kitchens of clients and what works for them and does not in the current scenario. Based on that we give them solutions to make the space more functional. We have many new options in the market like accessories, materials and appliances which make the space easier to use and decrease the maintenance. Lots of clients are not aware of the options and possibilities available to them and it is our job to educate them about it and what work best based on our experience.

   Do you recommend Modular Kitchens? Tell us the brands you prefer for kitchen space and appliances?

Yes, we use modular kitchens for 99% of our projects. It is more of an investment but what clients do not realise is that the investment is worth it in the long run. We do not have fixed choices for appliance brands; it changes from project to project depending on the client’s requirements.

   What is your USP? What is that ‘one’ thing that sets your firm apart from other architects with similar experience? You are truly an inspiration for women entrepreneurs, does your family act as a concrete support to your career aspirations?

Our USP is bringing our best ideas and solutions to the table to convert the client’s aspirations into reality within the specified time and budget. My family has always stood behind me and encouraged me to pursue my dreams.

   What importance do you allocate to magazines like Kitchen Desire and Hardware Samachar in educating the business organisations and consumers at large and benefits of associating with it?

Platforms like Kitchen Desire and Hardware Samachar help make people aware of the possibilities in today’s day and age. With new materials and technology coming up every day it even helps us stay on our toes and in being innovative in each project.

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