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Mr. Khuzem Sakarwala
Owner of Inner Space, Mumbai

"We got hold of ID. Khuzem Sakarwala this time for an exclusive interview in this kup of tea. Mr. Khuzem has got a long journey which ended into expansion of his entrepreneurial spirits. Service to the customer honestly is the key to business according to him. Let's take a look…"



Mr. Kishor Bhatt
Owner of Arions International, Mumbai

"Mr. Kishor Bhatt of Arions International is in a dialogue with us.
He is a self-made man. His journey speaks of the weight of the learning curve he derived during his lifetime invested in the kitchen segment. Perhaps we too would learn something from his two cents… "


Proprietor of JOSE Architects, Pala, Kerala

" Mr. M. M. Jose is with us in this A kup of tea. We had a very precise and fruitful Q&A sessions with him. A tinge of southern India can be inherently felt in the discussion. Humble and hard working architect talks about augmenting human experience through design while accommoda ...

Mr. Malav Bhatt
Director of The Team, Ahmedabad

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that deals with the architectural/ arrangement aspects of your living or working spaces. It can tell you how to best utilise the advantages offered by the five basic elements of the universe, which are ...

Mr. Mihir Mehta
Proprietor of Kalpak, Nasik

" We are In conversation with Ar. Mihir Mehta. We got some very precise and ‘to the point’ answers to our bunch of questions from him. His idea of kitchen business is more about user comfort and optimum utilisation of the kitchen space available to design. Enjoy reading the words of the man h ...

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